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Ranfurly Community

A retirement village based on the principles of integrity, compassion, and generosity of spirit, is a perfect example of a space where oxytocin is boosted by social integration opportunities. From brief interactions over brunch to club sports, these moments of interaction – however fleeting – can contribute to a sense of belonging, reassurance and inner peace.

Staying socially connected is much easier in a lifestyle village such as Ranfurly which offers a multitude of groups, resident activity and close connections are also maintained with the broader and nearby community - local library, community centre or nearby church.

Ranfurly Village welcomes visitors to its guest suite, a stylish studio suite which is available for those who require short stay accommodation for their visiting family or friends. This unique offering allows Ranfurly residents to stay connected whilst enjoy the privacy of their own home.

In Ranfurly Village’s vibrant community there’s always something happening, whether it be the Spring Fair which opens its arms to the nearby community. Where Ranfurly crafters and bakers share their creations – an assortment of decorations, stationery items, arts and crafts and culinary fare.

Energy and vibrancy are abound on this day with cultural performances by local school children and a variety of entertainment. Creativity and the arts are enjoyed by all at Ranfurly and throughout the year they have many activities and events  that celebrate music, arts, traditions and history.

Ranfurly Veterans

The Ranfurly Village has a deep history and connection with war veterans, as reflected in their partnership with The Ranfurly Veterans Trust and the restoration of Ranfurly House. The historic Ranfurly House still serves as a gathering place and an entertainment space for veterans and veteran support organisations.

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